Your “Pick as Instrument”

Your “Pick as Instrument”

Fine instrument makers choose only select tonewoods and fine natural materials when creating timeless instruments for players, music lovers and collectors. Why should your guitar pick be any different?

The interplay between your strings, the wood of your solid body or acoustic instrument and your plucking material, create a “Trilogy of Sound” that may vary in tone, resonance, modulation, attack, vibrancy, volume, and sustain.

By using a US Blues® Artist Quality Guitar Pick, made of unique natural materials, you harness the power to fine tune this interplay by varying any of these components of your “Trilogy of Sound” to create just the mood or signature you truly desire. You could change your guitar or change your strings…but we think you’ll agree…changing the material of your pick sounds a lot easier.

By sampling picks of different materials we allow you to hear what changes you can create in your “Trillogy of Sound”. “Do I need a sharper attack?” “Am I looking for a warmer tone?” Do I just need to play louder?”

This is where US Blues Trillogy Sampler Packs were born. US Blues® Trillogy Sampler Packs are Packs of three picks selected to be excellent choices for a particular instrument. They allow players of all levels, styles and interests to create their own “Arc of Tone” by using picks of various materials that we have pre-selected to be appropriate for your general musical style. The difference between the sounds created by these three different materials is your “Arc of Tone”.

We refer to this concept as “Pick as Instrument”.

Use these helpful charts to choose some materials or US Blues® Trillogy Samplers to start your exploration of your own “Trilogy of Sound” by using your “Pick as Instrument”.

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